Build the Skills You Need for a Successful Transition to Shared Living

Daily Tasks and Shared Living Skills Training

We can help you to develop skills and strategies to achieve your goals in a shared living environment, and build a more independent life. Contact us to find out how you can use our training to prepare for shared living.

Confidence to pursue your goals.

Learn the skills you need to lead a happy, independent life and adapt to shared living arrangements.

Skills to live in harmony with others

Learn how to transition to shared living, build friendships with new people, enjoy household activities, and set boundaries for yourself and others.

Self-care strategies

Learn the skills to take care of yourself and achieve a healthy, independent life.

Household Management Skills

Learn how to manage household budgets, plan meals, and set fair routines for household tasks.

Examples or inclusions within the service

We help our clients prepare for and thrive in shared living environments by providing training in the following areas:

Planning and cooking meals for yourself and others

Planning set of food choices and learning about nutrition

Cleaning and washing


Paying bills, setting routines, and other daily responsibilities

Self-care and personal support

Household activities

Sleepover support


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