Build confidence and independence.

Life Skills Development

Take control of your own life and work towards the goal of a truly independent future. We provide training in the life skills you’ll need to manage by yourself in day to day life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on the road to independence.

Build Skills for Everyday Life

Many of our clients are able to improve their life skills and build the confidence to take on new challenges. By learning how to manage personal matters effectively, the path opens to further education or employment, and the goal of an independent, fulfilling life.

We can provide training in personal and domestic skills, financial literacy, hobbies and new technologies, to name a few.

Build Confidence

Often the only thing holding someone back is the lack of confidence to start. Learning new skills will build your confidence so you can take the next step on your journey.

Equip Yourself With the Skills You Need

We can help you learn the skills you need to look after yourself effectively and take on new challenges.

Work Toward a Happy Independent Life

Take on further study, build a career, and form new relationships. Life is under your control.

Examples or inclusions within the service

We can provide training in the following areas:

Budgeting and money skills

Planning travel

Meal preparation and nutrition

Grooming and personal presentation

Developing new hobbies

Exploring your sporting interests

Planning for medical and dental appointments

Using technology and social media

Accessing educational opportunities


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